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Adventurous Hikes and Explorations

For the hiker that likes an adventure, and doesn’t mind getting dirty, then these hikes are a MUST!..


more and more people are coming to Les Eyzies and the Vezere Valley for Soul Searching purposes...

8 day Pilgrimage from Les Eyzies to Rocamadour and back

The Pilgrimage from Les Eyzies to Rocamadour and back is a marvelous 8 day hike

Font de Gaume 2016 Latest ticket Info

Visitors from around the world visit Les Eyzies de Tayac, with the main goal being a visit to Font de Gaume. The information on the internet is often outdated or completely wrong / false

Friendly Personal Tour Guide in the Dordogne

if you would like to see the “Best of” what the Dordogne has to offer with a local friendly Dordogne Tour Guide, then please contact me

Dordogne Hike The 7 Brothers Loop

The 7 Brothers Loop is a classic, scenic Dordogne Hike. It's an easy hike with huge rewards. The hike starts in Les Eyzies de Tayac

Grotte du Sorcier – The Sorcerers cave

The Grotte du Sorcier, also known as the Grotte de Saint-Cirq is one of the rare caves in the world with a prehistoric representation of a human figure.

Dordogne Cycling tours and bike rentals

The best way to explore the Dordogne Region is by bicycle. Aquitaine Bike’s rent 24-speed Cannondale and 24-speed Trek hybrid/touring bikes

The Trail of Wild Garlic

Trail of the Wild Garlic takes you along ancient trails to numerous Prehistoric caves, shelters, a sacred Prehistoric site, natural springs, stunning views and of course fields of wild Garlic

Forgotten Glory

Forgotten Glory is an exploration hike to a, what was once a small thriving hamlet consisting of about 20 homes and small farms and walled pastures

Mountain Biking around Les Eyzies

Les Eyzies de Tayac, in the heart of the Vezere Valley is without doubt the mountain biking capital of the Dordogne

La Roque St Christophe

These natural cavities were occupied by man in prehistoric times. Later on they were altered and became a fortress and a city in the Middle Ages

Chateau de Commarque

The Beune Valley has been occupied for a very long time. Around Commarque, prehistoric man has left numerous traces of his passage.

Forte de Reignac

Forte de Reignac is a stone’s throw from the Vezere, across from a ford, prehistoric men settled here more than 20.000 years ago

Laugerie Basse

Laugerie Basse's Prehistory dates back 15,000 years, but its History dates back only 130 years, precisely 1863, when Edouard Lartet, an eminent paleontologist, arrived in Les Eyzies

National Prehistoric Museum

The museum features unique archaeological collections chiefly discovered at the most prestigious excavation sites in the Vézère Valley, added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List owing to its many Palaeolithic remains

Explore Les Eyzies with Walking Dordogne

Let us take you back, to the places our ancestors called “home” more than 260000 years ago

Font de Gaume

Discovered in 1901 by D. Peyrony, the Cave, 130 m long, contains about 250 paintings. The visitor can only see 30 of them, the most beautiful ones and the best preserved

Abri de Cap Blanc

Tucked away in the Beune Valley a few kilometres from Les Eyzies, the Cap Blanc Prehistoric Centre reveals another aspect of Prehistoric Art Sculpture. Over 15 000 years ago
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